How to Start a Blog 
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How to Start a Blog 

Everyone and their auntie seems to have a blog these days, and that is for a reason. They can be a great outlet for creativity and a platform for you to express yourself, as well as being a potential base to launch a business from. The ubiquity of the blog also comes down to how simple it is to get one set up and started, so if you’ve been thinking about starting one, there really is nothing stopping you. 

Get a Site 

While you might find other places recommending that you buy a domain in order to start your blog, it really isn’t that necessary. Lots of blog building sites like Wordpress and Blogspot offer free tiers which can offer more than enough features for a newcomer to get started with. While you’ll likely sacrifice customisation, memory allowances and a custom domain name, if you’re just looking to dip your toe into the waters, that stuff isn’t necessary anyway. I recommend giving blogging a try with a free site for at least a short period and if you feel like it is something that you want to dedicate time to, at that point you should look into buying a domain and paying for your site design. 

Find Your Topic 

Once you have a site sorted you can get down to the real meat of the matter- what is the subject of your content? You might have identified some trends in topics or even follow a couple of blogs that you would like to emulate, but the most important thing is that you work on something that first and foremost interest you. There is no point spending hours producing content that you simply don’t care about – it’ll get demoralising, even if you find success. Once you have a topic that you care about, you can now start thinking about how you make your content engaging for your audience. 

Make It Interesting 

While you can treat your blog as an outlet rather than a platform to speak to others, the fundamental principle of publishing content online is for other people to look at it. At this point, you should be writing about the things that interest you the most, but you might find that your audience is still particularly small and not engaging with you. You could hash this up to a lack of interest on their part, or you could try and do something about it by making your content more interesting and engaging. Usually this doesn’t mean changing the bones of your content, but rather how you present it. Try and mix things up in interesting ways and see what works. You might find that there really is an audience out there for your unusual topic. 

Now that you’ve really hit your rhythm and you feel like you’re writing engaging content about the things you care about, you can start to look at expanding your audience. This topic requires its own post, but with the smart use of social media you can rapidly grow your very own devoted audience.  

Good luck! 

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