How to Stop Your Computer from Being Used for Cryptomining 
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How to Stop Your Computer from Being Used for Cryptomining 

The cryptocurrency explosion has been one of the biggest shakeups to both the internet and the financial world in decades, but its increasing popularity has come with some unfortunate caveats that you should be aware of. Cryptomining has become a reliable source of alternative income for individuals and businesses and a number of sites have started to supplement their advertising revenue by asking their users to allow them to use their CPUs to perform cryptomining. 

Cryptomining uses a portion of your CPU’s processing power for mining, meaning that your computer may be less responsive and the battery life on your laptop might be shortened. This can be a small sacrifice to make in order to support the sites that you love, but the problem arises when it is done without your permission or even knowledge. A growing number of websites are maliciously using your CPU to perform cryptomining, but how do you protect yourself and stop them taking advantage of your processing power?  

Disable JavaScript 

This can be your most effective approach to stopping a website from using your computer for cryptomining, as it will stop the website from being able to perform actions. The problem is that this approach is very scorched earth since disabling JavaScript will stop many websites from working at all. Perfect for stopping untrustworthy or suspicious sites, but not much use if you want to continue to access the website’s content or services. 

Use a Plugin 

Most people are probably already familiar with the use of plugins for their internet browser particularly plugins like AdBlock which helps to stop intrusive ads from bothering you when you visit sites, but there are actually some plugins that have been created specifically to stop unwanted cryptomining. There are a few browser specific plugins that you can find, but both No Coin and minerBlock will work on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. If you want to support a site by allowing it to mine using your computer, then you can add it to the whitelist in the plugin, much the same way as you can add sites to your whitelist for AdBlock. 

Update your Anti-Malware Software 

While updating your anti-malware software may not be guaranteed to stop specific instances of cryptomining, it does remain an effective defence against malicious access to your computer. Malware software is regularly updated to protect you from the most recent threats, and this includes helping to stop unauthorised cryptomining. 

If you’re concerned about malicious cryptomining, then my recommendation would be to install a plugin and make sure your anti-malware software is kept up to date. This should protect you from most threats and you can rely on the nuclear button of disabling JavaScript as a last resort. 

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